Our system has been holding creditors accountable to the law for over a decade!

Watch our video below and follow the easy steps...

                                                             Easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Pick a credit report provider   2.  Text to Dana   3.  Zelle Initial Consult

1. Pick a credit report provider: both monitor all 3 bureaus

A. Identity IQ $19.95 - if you already have a lender or just looking to improve your score.

Credit Cop Discount 3 bureau VANTAGE scores $19.95

If you don't use ^^ link^^, your cost will be $24.95 per file - special price with affiliation to The Credit Cops.            

B.  myFICO $29.95 - if you are looking to purchase a home and you do NOT have a lender. 

3 Bureu myFICO report - LENDER algorithm included

2. Send your log in info to Dana @972-971-3175 to retrieve report & create Action Plan

3. Zelle your initial consult payment 

Zelle: if you bank with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, Capital One (just about any large bank) - also called Quick Pay, Sure Pay or Fast Pay  email address to use: gary@thecreditcops.com    Person: Dana LaRue

Check:  make check out to D&G Credit LLC - take a photo from above - make sure you can see all 4 corners - no shadows- front and back & text to Gary 972-971-3180

Mortgage Scores 585 mid score to 659 mid score. $5,854 of DEBT DELETED! 

Started end of Sept :    640 / 543 / 585 

First part of Jan:  659 (+19) / 670 (+127) / 620 (+35)

 Got Questions?

 please feel free to call us!!  972-971-3175